Saturday, July 09, 2005

Experiencing the past...

So, it’s been quite a while since I ‘post’ed. But, things have been happening for the past one month and it has been real good weekends. Let me start off with my visit to Minneapolis early June. I’d been to the Northern State of Minnesota on wok and got a chance to spend the weekend with Rajeev, my schoolmate for twelve whole years. He’s working with Guidant in the program management office after his after his post grad from Purdue University.

Friday night was customarily spent at a pub on the banks of the Mississippi river with a listening to a live band. The University of Minnesota is just a few yards away and the enthu of the young crowd added to the ambience. We had some real good ‘Mong’ food, which is quite similar to Chinese food (but tastier) at a restaurant owned by immigrants from Laos. They were brought into the US in return for their ‘favours’ done during the Vietnam War. Minneapolis also has a large population of people from Somalia, thanks to the immigration after civil war erupted in the African nation. People from these two nations have become an integral part of the community here, hmm, well almost.

Minnesota is known as the land of 10000 lakes (no, the number is not a typo) ! So, it was only natural that I went to some of the lakes around. Lake Calhoun and Stillwater were my favourites. Another of the attractions was the Saint Paul Cathedral situated at the twin city of St.Paul. The entire shrine presented a calm ambience and we marveled at the beautiful sculptures made at the beginning of the century. The last, but the most awaited of the destinations was the ‘Mall of America’, the largest mall in US. It is situated in a sprawling area of 4.2 million square foot and housing outlets of most of the leading brands of the world. It even houses a theme park for kids inside. After spending a couple of hours at the mall, I bid farewell to Rajeev and Minneapolis and was back to the heat of Austin.


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