Saturday, April 23, 2005

Short but Sweeeeeet !

I'd been thinking of going to San Antonio, ever since I arrived in Austin. Just a drive of hour and a half, its one of the 'Top Ten' destinations in the US and also famous for the NBA team San Antonio Spurs. But I really miss not having a car here (and friends, for that matter). And the visit never seemed like happening. That's when I thought to myself that enough and enough and that I needed to do something about this .So, inspired by my friend Archie, I found myself in a bus to San Antonio on a cloudy Sunday morning.

Had my first surprise of the day when I found myself seated next to an Indian. And for a change , he was not one of the techies one finds all over the US. Veerbhadra owns a chain of Indian restaurants named Sarovar. Had some real good chat with him on topics ranging from IT, morality of the youth, educational system of the US and much more. So the day had a great start with a pretty exciting and informative ride.

Reached San Antonio by noon and headed straight to 'Riverwalk'. Known as Paseo del Rio in Spanish, the Riverwalk consists of the walkway besides the San Antonio river (the city got its name from the river) with restaurants and hotels on either side of the river. And the amazing part is that all this is right at the heart of the downtown! The ambience is simply superb, what with tall modern buildings and ancient structures lying side by side besides the calm river. The boat ride, complete with the narration, is one of the main attractions. You can have a virtual tour here. Believe me, its quite good!

After having walked almost the entire Riverwalk, my next destination was the Alamo. This is the monument which remains as the memorial for the Texan struggle of Independence. A siege lasting thirteen days took place here in 1836 resulting in Texas gaining freedom from Mexico. After having seen many of the monuments in India, the Alamo wasn't great in any sense, but it was good to learn about the history of the state of Texas.

The next on the cards was the Wax museum and the 'Rippley's Believe it or Not' museum. Although its nothing compared to Madame Tussaud's, it was still good to see the life-like wax structures. I especially liked the one of Cindrella! I just about had time to dash to the IMax for a show called Forces of Nature, which shows the magnitude of the destruction that nature can cause. The documentary is a rude warning to all of us that nothing can stand against the fury of nature.

On my way back to the bus station, I chanced to set my eyes upon the Harley Davidson store and couldn't help but go in. The most popular example for a 'cult' brand, the Harley motorbike is a spectacle in itself. The looks and the 'roar' is just breathtaking. And after seen some of them on the roads, I've become a big fan myself and has started dreaming of riding one in the future:) I purchased a Harley cap , a key chain and a miniature model of the bike. These will be my treasured possessions from now on...

So, that was one eventful day, and the coming weeks promise some more. I'm planning to do some good amount of travel again . Lets see how things turns out. Anyways, I'll be back with more... Till then...


Anonymous gaats said...

hey....walk by the river was too gud....thats som updates after a long break...guess work is hectic rite now 4 u...
anyway take care njoyyy

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