Sunday, March 20, 2005

That was some Saturday!

So, I am back for the weekend.. And, as promised to Arun (Ravindran) and Arun (Panicker), who were the inspirations behind this blog, this wont be another one-off attempt.

The week was nothing great.. the same stuff at the office.. yes, there was the Geo Cluster meeting at the Austin Schlumberger office.. guess what, the office is situated right in the middle of a reserved area, with all trees and bushes around.. reminded me about the IIM B campus and its walkways.. I had been a frequent visitor to the campus to meet Maithreyi, one of closest friends. And last week was when she got placed in P&G.. felt real happy for her, but if didn't deserve it, who did? I'm sure she'll go a long way in her career:) So, coming back to the point, the Infy locations have been divided into 11 geo clusters in the US to bring about the "DC-like" feeling in the employees posted onsite. We belong to the South Central cluster comprising of Dallas,Austin and Houston.

Started off the day yesterday with a surprise mail from Sruthi. She was three years juniour to me in Udyogamandal School , and a good friend of mine. We came to know each other through the Maths Club, of which I was the convenor. Boy, how I used to love Maths, Mathematicians and its history! I had lost touch with Sruthi for 2-3 years and her mail (thanks to Orkut, again!) was a pleasant surprise. She's finishing her archi, and is one of the few special friends of mine who have gone into architecture. I dont know, why, but I have this special fascination and admiration for people who have done their architecture. I really feel they have a very different outlook towards life!

I have been fortunate enough to get a few real close friends from TAPMI. so, yesterday, when the three of us, Arun (R, now this is getting difficult, writing the last name and all) , Adwaith and me got together for a yahoo conference, it was time for some fun and retrospection. We discussed things ranging from babes, movies, "friendships", and where we would be ten years down the line. And, yes, we all had strong opinions about where we would like see ourselves in some years. I was the only one who didn't want to be in India and Arun had some good reasons of why he wouldn't want to. Hmmm, lets see what life has in store for all of us.. I'll definitely read this post after some years :)

So, finally, I've got digi cam, a Kodak Easyshare CX7430 for myself. From now, on I should be able to capture this beautiful country and etch them into "memory"! I am not a photography freak, but am slowly, but surely getting hooked into it, thanks to my friends Archie and Arun. Watch out this space for my latest snaps...

Did a bit of shopping in the afternoon with my colleagues Gautam, Samir and his wife Gowri. It has pretty hot when we started, in fact I was actually sweating , which is a very rare occurrence in this part of the world. But in the course of just a couple of hours, it became very cloudy and was poring hard by the time we returned. The weather, for one, is extremely unpredictable in this nick of the woods. And there's a 'Weather' channel in itself which broadcasts nothing but the weather information about the various parts of the country. And its pretty interesting, mind you, because,unlike in our country, the weather is so very fluctuating here and hence you have something "new" coming up every two hours. I often found it better than CNN which flashes only the adventures of the US forces in Iraq and the new policies of Bush on its screens.

Got a call from Maria in the evening. She's another junior of mine from school, now settled in Canada. Yes, I used to get along pretty well the junies, and this has been the case in my school, Engg. college and B-School too. Anyone who knows me well would vouch for this :) Some of my very good friends have been my junies. Spoke to Marja for a long time and promised her that I will be visiting the Niagra soon. There have been three places I've always wanted to visit in the US of A - Niagra falls, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Lets see whether I'll be able to do so during this trip of mine. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Completed the work on the transcripts of the interview with Kris in the evening. This was when we met Kris last year when I was a part of the editorial team of ESsence, the news magazine of ES, Mangalore. It was a very enriching experience to work on the magazine, what with getting the opportunity to talk in person to two of the founding members of this great company. Yes, I really feel this is a great company for the sheer vision of its founders and has always been attracted to Infy, and getting placed in Infy, not once, but twice! The latest edition of ESsence is slated to come out in the next two weeks and I am eagerly looking forward to it.

Finished reading the autobiography of the charismatic British businessman Richard Branson, aptly titled, "Losing my Virginity". Its been a very good read, and will appeal to the entreprenrurial souls amongst us as well as the adventurists becasue he's written about not only his business philosophy(he says he's got none) but also his (in)famous ballooning adventures. I would recommend this book any day. Thanks Dan, for gifting it to me when I was leaving Mangalore. We were roomies in Mangalore for six months, and it was a very enjoyable period in my life. And, Danny was certainly a big part of it. I admire him for his outlook towards life which keeps him HAPPY whatever the circumstances be.

Have started of with another autobiography titled "Surely, you're joking, Mr.Feynman!". This has been in my 'to read' list for a very long time. So, when I sighted this at the Austin Public Library, there was no thinking twice. The best part of the Library is that one can take up to three books for three weeks and five DVDs for a week absolutely free. Now, these are things for which start loving this country. I'll be off to the LA and San Diego next week for some "sight seeing". Will return with all the latest later. Till then.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...


That was a quick n engrossing summary! Glad to know you loved Branson's book. As u mentioned the days at m lore where really enjoyable..the innumerable treks/trips we had, the attempts on return the compliment..u r one very tolerant and sincere guy i ve ever met.
Have a gr8 time ahead!
u take care,

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

admiration for architects.. does that ring a bell? (only kidding..)
keep up the blogging spirit.


1:02 PM  
Anonymous Arun said...

Hey I'm bowled over. You blog like a seasoned pro. Great going. Nice journalistic style. Never missing anything (even the chat [shock!]). The real value of all this is like you said when we'll look back at this page a few years from now. Nothing like a vivid flashback.

Keep 'em comin!!!!

8:28 AM  
Blogger Arun R said...


There is one thing that I can vouch for from this post. The fact that u get along very well with ur juniors.

Your juniors are also famous with ur friends!!! Our gang happened to meet Maithreyi in Kodaikanal. We had met her earlier during MIP and then again during IIM-B Vista. She remembered us, mostly coz we are Dinky's Juniors!!!!

U have finished the book on Branson!! U were carrying the book when u came to visit us just b4 u left for the US.

Blogs definitely help u to get back to the good old times when u r going thro them at a later stage. That is one of the reason I blog!!!!

9:39 AM  
Blogger Vinod said...

hey Dinky,

It took me a while to gather the courage to start reading the blog going by its size... :)) But like danny mentioned, it was quite an engrossing read.

Keep em' coming dude..

3:10 PM  
Blogger Vinod said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

3:19 PM  
Blogger hariharan said...

heh, nice one dinks
u speak abt 1 girl junior then abt 2 guys contacting u thru yahoo and 3 more girl juniors - ladies and gentlemen, thats dinky for u!!!
there is a technical word we use to describe such ppl at iimc - geela!!!
the blog is big but so much spice in it makes it easy reading. keep up the great work

10:18 AM  
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